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I have Thai family, and I have seen these so-called Fishermen shirts before - all the while being secretly jealous.
It looks great on Shuma cuz it looks the way it's supposed to look, but the masquerading shorts really do make him look really cute.
Even though the weather doesn't look so great, I hope you had a good time... kaban and all.

Sandra Khoo

Just gorgeous! I love Shuma's outfit! Hope you'll all have a safe and enjoyable trip throughout! :D


I like that last picture. Very pretty. Good composition.


I too love this last photo ....with his hand open as if he was in awe , witnessing something awesome


Show me the food! Where's the food! Just kidding. ;)
Phuket looks nice. Not as 'busy' as I had imagined it to be. I'm hot on your flip-flops..leaving for Thailand myself this coming Thursday.
Bring on all that yummy cuisine.

Donna Parsley

Phuket is known for its several sandy beaches and spectacular coastline area. I wonder where you went exactly in Phuket. Anyway, Shuma is the best model for summer resort apparel, haha. I saved both the first and last picture - a sort of remembrance for me. :)

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